About Us


About Us

About Us

VerdiGras is a local grassroots organization founded in February 2011, by local residents, under the Tree Of Life in Audubon Park. 

VerdiGras was formed with the goal of reducing the estimated 25 million pounds of (mostly) Chinese-made petroleum-based throws that are thrown every year during Mardi Gras parades.

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Our Mission

We aim to spread awareness about the sheer volume of trash that is amassed every year during Mardi Gras. We hope to educate others about the harmful effects that petroleum-based plastic beads can have on both our health and the environment.

Our Core Values

We believe in preserving our city’s unique culture and at the same time, our (the world’s) precious resources. We aim to inspire others with a sense of community, joie de vivre, and fun!

At Verdi Gras, we believe that:

  • We can preserve our traditions, AND protect our environment!
  • We can reduce the amount of foreign-made petroleum-based throws, AND still have a great time!
  • It’s about the show, NOT the throw!

Mardi Gras By The Numbers:

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Tons Of Beads Thrown
Pounds Of Lead

Preserving our Traditions and our Planet

Let’s get back to what made Mardi Gras special in the first place:
the show, the sense of community, the joie de vivre!